New site, new chapter

July 24th, 2015

If you’ve been wondering where that Do-It-Yourself birthday banner post is (promise it’s next!) and what I’ve been up to lately, well, here it is: Please do me a favor and check it out!

I also want to share that I’m currently looking for a full-time position. So, if you feel inclined, I would GREATLY appreciate any endorsements and/or recommendations to my LinkedIn profile.

Thanks guys, operation birthday banner post is already underway!


July 24th, 2015

I took Dakota and Mieka to the Arboretum this past Tuesday and at the end of our time there I decided to try shooting some video instead of pictures. Then, yesterday, I summoned up some of my mad TV production skillz from high school to make this:

Two discretionary notes: 1. If you just ate or had lunch, viewer beware, it’s a little shaky at times. 2. Yes, this video is set it to the best band in the world: Coldplay.

Mieka’s Berry First Birthday

April 1st, 2015

My baby girl is growing up! Despite the fact she’s been toddling out of my reach for a few months, Mieka is now officially a toddler. And so begins the stage of whole milk drinking, nap time dwindling, and long sloppy smooching (just the way I like it!). Sometimes Kevin and I think Mieka might be a real-life genius. Then we’ll catch her eating dog food and think, “Wow, she’s striving to create a better dog food formula, how smart is she?” Although I can’t condone the dog food taste testing experiments, I fully support her quest to read every book in this house a thousand times over. Happy birthday miss Meeks, you will always be my strawberry sweetie.

















Credits: Strawberry Tissue Hearts from The House That Lars Built // Cupcake Toppers from Plumcake Parties on Etsy // Red Polka-Dot Leggings from Pitter Patter Shop on Etsy // Strawberry Wax Paper from Giftaholic on Etsy // Happy Birthday Sign with printable template COMING SOON to Banana Mustache!

Strawberry Fields Tunic: an Old Navy Dress hemmed by my grandma (Thanks grandma!) and designed/screen printed by myself with huge help and thanks to Tim Sievert and his friend Brett. THANK YOU!!! The Peter Pan collared onesie that’s underneath was found at Once Upon A Child. Um…I love Peter Pan collars!

Mini Strawberry Hair Clips: Made with these strawberry appliqués from Boutique Supplies Co. on Etsy and glued onto red mini snap clips.

Strawberry Sugar Cookies: Made using this amazing sugar cookie recipe from Baking a Moment and with this strawberry cookie cutter from Many YouTube video tutorials were used to help me decorate them!

Thanks: A big thanks to my mom for making the strawberry cake pops and mini fruit pizzas. Yum! Also, thanks to my sister-in-law Tara for the Etsy Gift Card she got me for Christmas. It helped make this wonderful party possible!

September 8th, 2014

Kevin and I recently teamed up for the design and development of—a portfolio site of his work in music. The site is a responsive, one-page design with some trendy parallax scrolling. The “work” section is a discography of albums he’s credited in and offers listening samples on rollover. The site also features some fun looping clips of music videos for songs he’s been a part of—my favorite part! As always, I enjoyed working with Kevin to bring this thing to fruition and am hopeful it will bring him more clients to make music with in the future!







And, if you haven’t already, be sure to check out the live site in it’s full glory at:

Tomfoolery, Colors and a New Camera

July 15th, 2014

A recent trend (or maybe not-so-recent trend) for me has been starting blog posts and not finishing them. On the off-chance I get some down-time to work on them, the ones I’ve started always seem too outdated to continue moving forward with. Well, enough is enough! Not that I’ll probably be posting more—because, let’s face it, with a two-year old, an infant, and a full-time job there’s hardly time for me to remember the laundry needs to be changed out…or the lawn needs to be mowed…or the bills need to be paid…or Dakota needs sunscreen…or…where was I?—oh yeah no more of the starting and not finishing posts. That’s just tomfoolery!

The Color Run happened again this year and it coincides perfectly with our teaching of colors to Dakota! Truth be told, we’ve been working on our colors for months. It’s the only thing he seems to be having a tough time mastering. Letters, numbers, and shapes he has an amazing memory for. We’re starting to think he might just be colorblind like me…well color deficient. Uhhhhh I mean…I see colors PERFECTLY! <Let’s change the subject> Oh hey! I got a new camera from Kevin for my birthday! Woohoo! So let’s get to it then! Here is aftermath of the colorpocalypse (yes, I added “apocalypse” to the word “color”) shot with my new Nikon D7000!










The new team Truckenmunch 2014. Only Shiloh’s butt made it into the picture, but he’s part of the team too!